David White

UI/UX Design * Front-end Development



Tablet Pages

Portal Pages

While at SilverVue, I designed pages for both a tablet-based hospital search application, as well as a desktop portal for SilverVue customers.


The Department of Defense - Electronic Mall or (DOD EMALL) is a web based online ordering platform meant to provide a full service e-Commerce site to find and acquire off the shelf, finished goods and services from the commercial marketplace and government sources for the Defense Department and other State and Federal agencies. With over 65 million items offered in this comprehensive site, DOD EMALL provides the opportunity to move their marketable goods into a global environment. While working on this project, I provided the following services:


The ErgoNurse is taking the hospital world by storm as hospitals realize they now have a machine to help the nurses move their larger patients.

I provided all design and coding for this site.


While working for the Zions Bancorporation, I provided all User Interface functionality for their Open Accounts process flow. There were eight affiliates of Zions, and although there were minor variances in the needs of the various affiliates, the basic process is consistent for all of them. I provided the following functionality:

Utah Retirement System - Online Enrollment

Designed the look and feel as well as the user interface for this project, which converted an offline enrollment process for public employee benefits into an online process. Use the above link to navigate through the prototypes.

Microsoft Learningspace

While contracting with McCann Erickson Worldgroup, I implemented the look and feel of this site, as prescribed in the Microsoft specifications document.


Created a gallery and online shopping cart for this author, who writes various books, mostly for children.